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Dr. Ursula Strüber

Dr. Ursula Strüber studied Chemistry at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich and received a doctorate in Physics at the Universisty of Bayreuth.

Dr. Strüber is German Patent Attorney and European Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney. She began to work in the field of Intellectual Property in 1997 focussing on pre-grant and post-grant patent prosecution and patent litigation, including opposition, appeal, and nullity proceedings, and clearance, validity, and enforcability opinions.

She is specialized in the technical fields of surface science, catalysis, semiconductor technology, and materials science, in particular battery, photovoltaic, and polymer materials, as well as manufacturing engineering and instrumental analysis.

Dr. Strüber is member in EPI and VPP.

 Dr. Ursula Strüber

Dr. Ursula Strüber

fn +49-89-76 75 73 37

Patent Attorney
European Patent Attorney
European Trade Mark Attorney
European Design Attorney

Semiconductor technology

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Dr. Ursula Strüber